[asterisk-users] time on polycom 501

David Gomillion david.gomillion at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 10:18:03 CST 2007

Jerry Geis wrote:
> I have a polycom 501 phone that is 1 hour off now.
> Before last sunday (time change) the time was fine.
Google is your friend:

Top hit fixed it for us.

For the archives, in case the top hit is no longer the top hit (i.e. I'm 
feeling unlucky), the result is:

and contains this:


*Technical Bulletin 17803*
*SoundPoint® and SoundStation® IP phones require configuration changes 
due to changes in daylight saving time (DST) dates.*
*This information applies to:* • SoundPoint IP 300, 301, 430, 500, 501, 
600, 601, 650 desktop phones and SoundStation IP 4000 conference phones
*Note:* This information applies to the SoundPoint IP 650, where 
software releases exists to support the IP 650 (see Software Release 
Notes for platform compatibility).


Beginning in 2006, all parts of the State of Indiana will observe 
Daylight Saving Time along with the rest of the United States. The 
majority of the state will now be in Eastern Time, but there are several 
counties near Chicago that will remain in Central Time.

The United States Congress passed a law in 2005 that changes the dates 
when US Daylight Saving Time begins and ends starting in 2007. This 
affects all US states except Hawaii and Arizona, which do not observe 
DST. As of this writing, the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, 
Quebec, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Alberta, the Yukon and 
Northwest Territories, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia have indicated 
that they will adopt the same changes, and other provinces and 
territories will continue with current procedures.


With respect to the State of Indiana, no special configuration is 
required to support this change, but any special configuration that had 
been made previously to exempt phones in Indiana from DST needs to be 

*Note:* The following change cannot be safely made until 6 November 
2006, as the old settings are required until that date for 2006 DST to 
be calculated correctly.

To configure phones for the new DST rules, the SNTP configuration 
section from sip.cfg (or ipmid.cfg in older versions) needs to change as 

*Note:* /These changes should be made in the *ipmid.cfg* configuration 
file for SoundPoint IP phones running the MGCP application./
*Note:* /There is an error in the display and setting of the DST 
‘Start/Stop Day Of Week’ if the web server interface is used to set the 
DST rules. When the start date is set to 1 (Sunday) in the *sip.cfg* or 
*ipmid.cfg* file, it is displayed as "Monday" in the web server 
interface. If you use the web server interface to set the DST start/stop 
dates, select "Monday" to obtain a setting of Sunday. This discrepancy 
will be fixed in a future software release./

*Polycom recommends that this configuration change be made.*

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