[asterisk-users] Asterisk & OpenVZ

George Pajari George.Pajari at netvoice.ca
Tue Nov 6 03:52:10 CST 2007

> I've got debian (etch), openvz and asterisk up and running using the
> openvz wiki guides.  The examples use `apt-get install asterisk` and
> this will install 1.2.13.  Has anyone gotten an VPS to compile the
> latest versions from source?

No problem -- we're running the latest 1.4.x in multiple VEs on Dual and 
Quad-Core Xeons with Debian and OpenVZ as part of our Virtual Private 
Asterisk Server service offering (see www.vpas.ca). Indeed our customers 
can install gcc and build their own Asterisk if they want (and some do).

> Also, I'm unsure how the zaptel modules come into play, could use some
> guidance there as well.

We chose to have a separate servers with Quad PRI cards to act as 
gateways which IAX to customer VPASs so the only zaptel module we needed 
was the ztdummy to provide timing for MeetMe and trunking. You can 
easily install this module in VE0 and grant access to the appropriate 
/dev/zap entries in the various VEs.

You could put your Digium zaptel hardware on your OpenVZ system but I'm 
note sure how you would control/limit access to different channels to 
different VEs so I would think (and I now depart from empirical 
knowledge into speculation) one would probably want to run a "gateway" 
Asterisk in VE0 that would interface to the Digium hardware and pass the 
connections to other VEs using SIP or IAX.

It would be interesting to hear from other Asterisk/OpenVZ users who 
have put Digium zaptel hardware on their box and managed to securely 
limit access to specific channels to different VEs.


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