[asterisk-users] issues with downloads.digium.com

Dovid B asteriskusers at dovid.net
Sat Nov 3 14:00:17 CDT 2007

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> On 09:38, Fri 02 Nov 07, Tony Mountifield wrote:
>> Does anyone from Digium want to comment on why this Eloqua stuff has been
>> used, instead of just allowing Apache to serve the directory tree 
>> directly?
>> And whether this decision might be reconsidered?
> I think it's some sort of tool to track downloads and stuff
> so the marketing people at digium can use that info for
> their campaigns and stuff.
> I dont like it neither, but I dont think they will
> reconsider. They closed the FTP downloads so everything has
> to go thru this www tool. That makes it pretty obvious they
> will stay with it.
> -- 

Awstats seems to do the job well. I have no problem with digium trackign 
usage but it becomes a RPITA. I just wget them to my personal server and 
give out that link. Makes life easier ;) 

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