[asterisk-users] Off-Topic: add GSM codec to X-Lite

SIP sip at arcdiv.com
Fri Nov 2 13:51:49 CDT 2007

Alejandro Cabrera Obed wrote:
> Dear all, sorry for the Off-Topic but I have an Astreisk 14 voip server
> connected to Twinkle and X-Lite clients. I have to use the GSM codec for
> all of my clients, and it was set up in the sip.conf specifically in
> "allow=gsm" line.
> Twinkle has GSM codec built in, but when I open X-Lite audio codecs
> settings I can't see the GSM codec, being that the official web site and
> the PDF manual  of X-Lite 3.0 say it has GSM builtin support.
> Do you know what's the matter with X-Lite and GSM ??? Can I add it ???
> Really thanks
> Alejandro
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It lists GSM on my audio codec settings. Perhaps there's something wrong 
with your install? Try disabling the Zero Touch bandwidth detection. It 
has, in the past, interfered with my selection of codecs.


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