[asterisk-users] Help: How does one determine the length of an outbound/dialout MESSAGE to be delivered

Philipp Kempgen philipp.kempgen at amooma.de
Thu Nov 1 18:16:04 CDT 2007

Costa Dinoteli wrote:

> We created a dial plan which performs and outbound dial out and
> deliveres a message to a receipient
> What call method/option in extensions or anywhere allow us to
> determine the length of the message.
> IE, what if a 3 minute message is attempted to be delivered and
> 45seconds into the call drops or is terminated by the end user.
> I need to know that the entire message was/was not delivered.
> What I'm looking for is a variable that can be
> used in the exten file to determine call length of the
> completed call.

Maybe ${ANSWEREDTIME} is what you're looking for.

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