[asterisk-users] Segfaults in 1.2.18

Grey Man greyvoip at yahoo.com.au
Mon Apr 30 19:59:06 MST 2007


I have upgraded two production Asterisk servers to 1.2.18
from 1.2.17 in response to the security alert on April the 25th. Since
the upgrade one server has seg faulted 4 times and the other 2, nothing
else has changed on the two servers in the recent past. I use the
safe_asterisk script so have core dumps from all the seg faults but
running the backtrace only yeilds"unresolved symbol" messages so I have
not been able to isolate which module the seg fault is occurring in. I
did recompile Asterisk on one of the servers with the dont-optimize
option and waited two days for the next seg fault but still did got the
"unresolved symbol" messages, I'm probably not doing the build

I'm going to downgrade to 1.2.17, which I had no seg
faults with on either server in approximately 2 months, and take the
risk that no malformed SIP responses will get sent to my servers. I run
90% of my SIP traffic through a SIP proxy anyway and the malformed SIP
response would be rejected by it but as my Asterisk servers do use some
SIP trunks for the other 10% of traffic I went ahead with the upgrade
on the hope of avoding any crashes :(.

If anyone else has
noticed the same thing it would be worth posting to see if it's a code
issue rather then a deployment issue on my side.


The Grey Man

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