[asterisk-users] don't want call to get answered

Remco Post remco at pipsworld.nl
Mon Apr 30 06:11:02 MST 2007

Arun Kumar wrote:
> In my * box I've configured two queues and incoming number and whenever
> any one calls those number call comes to my *box and it sends call to my
> agents in queue. but if no agent is available it still answer the call.
> Is there any why when my agents are not available I don't want call to
> get answered. Here is my dialplan:

I think that you want asterisk not to pick up the call when all of your
agents are busy, right? I guess that in this case you do not want to use
queues, but you want to build some dialgroup.

So you'll need to do a few things

1- have some extension that agents can call to log on. When they do,
append their account (Technology/resource) to a database record (or
global var).
2- have some extension that agents can call to log off. Reverse of the
3- When somebody calls the extension 'xxxx' from below, you use Dial on
the database entry or global var to call all of your agents. If the dail
fails, you check the dialstatus to see why and possibly retry after so
many seconds (for a limited amount of tries) and then maybe answer the
call to play an announcement that nobody is available and please try
again later, or would they want to wait an be placed in a queue.

> exten => xxxx,1,GotoIfTime(*|*|20|dec?ccagents,xxxx,6)
> exten => xxxx,2,GotoIfTime(10:00-16:00|*|26|dec?ccagents,xxxx,7)
> exten => xxxx,3,GotoIfTime(09:00-18:00|*|31|dec?ccagents,xxxx,7)
> exten => xxxx,4,GotoIfTime(12:00-16:00|*|1|jan?ccagents,xxxx,7)
> exten => xxxx,5,GotoIfTime(09:00-18:00|mon-fri,*,*?ccagents,xxxx,7)
> exten => xxxx,6,Goto(out-of-hours,5003,1)
> exten => xxxx,7,Answer()
> exten => xxxx,8,Playback(custom/next-avail-advisor)
> exten =>
> xxxx,9,Set(MONITOR_FILENAME=/var/spool/asterisk/q/talksupport-${TIMESTAMP}-${UNIQUEID})
> exten => xxxx,10,Monitor(wav,${MONITOR_FILENAME},mb)
> exten => xxxx,11,Queue(kbsupport,t)
> exten => xxxx,12,Hangup()
> thanks
> arun
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