[asterisk-users] don't want call to get answered

Jeff Davis asterisk at netsourceva.com
Mon Apr 30 04:30:45 MST 2007

Arun Kumar wrote:
> In my * box I've configured two queues and incoming number and whenever 
> any one calls those number call comes to my *box and it sends call to my 
> agents in queue. but if no agent is available it still answer the call. 
> Is there any why when my agents are not available I don't want call to 
> get answered. Here is my dialplan:



"joinempty" set to "strict" will keep incoming callers from being placed
in queues where there are no agents to take calls. The Queue()
application will return, and the dial plan can detemine what to do next.

You should also pick up a copy of Asterisk: The Future of Telephony.
pp.326-328 contain information on queues.conf.

> exten => xxxx,1,GotoIfTime(*|*|20|dec?ccagents,xxxx,6)
> exten => xxxx,2,GotoIfTime(10:00-16:00|*|26|dec?ccagents,xxxx,7)
> exten => xxxx,3,GotoIfTime(09:00-18:00|*|31|dec?ccagents,xxxx,7)
> exten => xxxx,4,GotoIfTime(12:00-16:00|*|1|jan?ccagents,xxxx,7)
> exten => xxxx,5,GotoIfTime(09:00-18:00|mon-fri,*,*?ccagents,xxxx,7)
> exten => xxxx,6,Goto(out-of-hours,5003,1)
> exten => xxxx,7,Answer()
> exten => xxxx,8,Playback(custom/next-avail-advisor)
> exten => 
> xxxx,9,Set(MONITOR_FILENAME=/var/spool/asterisk/q/talksupport-${TIMESTAMP}-${UNIQUEID}) 
> exten => xxxx,10,Monitor(wav,${MONITOR_FILENAME},mb)
> exten => xxxx,11,Queue(kbsupport,t)
> exten => xxxx,12,Hangup()

You may need to put a handler after priority 11. Your current logic will
unconditionally hangup the channel if no agents are in the queue.

Jeff Davis
Netsource Consulting

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