[asterisk-users] Polycom 430 , 501 and 550

David W. Rice rice at lexingtonitconsulting.com
Sun Apr 29 17:13:15 MST 2007

I could be wrong, but I believe that the newer Polycom's only support
SIP.  The 550 is PoE, but you don't have to power it with PoE.  I have a
430 that uses an A/C adapter and regular Ethernet.  I have a 501 that
comes with a proprietary Ethernet cable that has an adapter built into
the cable to plug the A/C adapter into.  So, it's some kind of PoE, but
I'm not sure what.  I believe that any model of Polycom phone can be
used with a regular Ethernet cable.

The 501 is the only "weird" one with it's special cable.

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Hi List;

Can someone advise me if Polycom support H323 that
work fine with Asterisk? And wether this H323 Polcyom
devices more costly than SIP Polycom.

Also, I am not able to know if new Polycom come with
PoE adaptor so no need for PoE Switch (can use normal
switch that does not support PoE)? Do I need any
special cable for Polycom or normal Ethernet cable?


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