[asterisk-users] Re: How does Realtime read config files?

0xception 0xception at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 14:11:37 MST 2007

Apparently while it was a simple question it was either not a simple answer
or no one found it interesting..

I guess i'll give an example:

Here is a hard coded queue.conf queue configuration that i would like to put
into real time config

musicclass = default
announce = queue-markq
strategy = rrmemory
context = queue
timeout = 15
retry = 333
maxlen = 0
announce-frequency = 90
; announce-round-seconds = 10
queue-youarenext = queue-youarenext
queue-thereare = queue-thereare
queue-callswaiting = queue-callswaiting
queue-thankyou = queue-thankyou
queue-lessthan = queue-less-than
queue-reporthold = queue-reporthold
periodic-announce = queue-periodic-announce
;monitor-format = gsm|wav|wav49
;monitor-type = MixMonitor
;monitor-join = yes
joinempty = strict
eventwhencalled = yes
eventmemberstatus = yes
reportholdtime = yes
ringinuse = no
memberdelay = 1
timeoutrestart = yes

Now the issue i've run into is this: the Real time queue is configured with
the fallowing mySQL database setup

CREATE TABLE queue_table (
 musiconhold VARCHAR(128),
 announce VARCHAR(128),
 context VARCHAR(128),
 timeout INT(11),
 monitor_join BOOL,
 monitor_format VARCHAR(128),
 queue_youarenext VARCHAR(128),
 queue_thereare VARCHAR(128),
 queue_callswaiting VARCHAR(128),
 queue_holdtime VARCHAR(128),
 queue_minutes VARCHAR(128),
 queue_seconds VARCHAR(128),
 queue_lessthan VARCHAR(128),
 queue_thankyou VARCHAR(128),
 queue_reporthold VARCHAR(128),
 announce_frequency INT(11),
 announce_round_seconds INT(11),
 announce_holdtime VARCHAR(128),
 retry INT(11),
 wrapuptime INT(11),
 maxlen INT(11),
 servicelevel INT(11),
 strategy VARCHAR(128),
 joinempty VARCHAR(128),
 leavewhenempty VARCHAR(128),
 eventmemberstatus BOOL,
 eventwhencalled BOOL,
 reportholdtime BOOL,
 memberdelay INT(11),
 weight INT(11),
 timeoutrestart BOOL

Now say i would like to use the new feature ringinuse, however this is not a
column in the database/table, can i just add a column? will that work... or
do i have to wait until an update/fix is made to res_mysql?

If you do have to wait until an update is made to res_mysql... why is it
designed like this? to me it seems a better design would be to have a
database/table setup strictly as <KEY> <VALUE> where each column's name is
EXACTLY the same as the config option name and the VALUE can be a string
with the value... that way when any new config options are added to any of
the configuration files you simple just query the database for every key and
pull any values found...

On 4/26/07, 0xception <0xception at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi...
> I just had a real quick and simple question... I have a asterisk
> implementation setup w/ real time off of a mySQL database for SIP peers and
> queues, voicemail, agents etc... I after the upgrade to asterisk 1.4.3there are some new configuration features i would like to use. I was
> wondering if i could just add to the database table a column for the new
> config option? if this will work or not...
> For example my queues.conf configuration in the database does not have a
> column for ringinuse so if i were just just add a column called ringinuse
> would this work? would this have to be a string for either yes or no or
> would it be a bool or an integer?
> thanks for any help
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