[asterisk-users] Calllog

Suity Zsolt suich at yunord.net
Fri Apr 27 00:01:07 MST 2007

Asterisk wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I have an IVR configured in my PBX, which callers use to browse thru the 
> list of stores. Once they choose a store, the call gets redirected to 
> that store (obviously using Dial() application). Now, my question is:
> Each of this calls is logged in the calllog as one entry. How could I 
> configure my dialplan so that that portion of the call, which is in fact 
> just browsing thru the IVR, gets logged as one entry, and that portion 
> of the call, which is an outbound call, as another entry?

Try, ForkCDR
You would have two entries in log. The first line will hold the total 
times (IVR+Dial) and the second line will hold the length of Dial.


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