[asterisk-users] asterisk answering machine

Troy Ayers asteriskfan at wcta.net
Wed Apr 25 17:59:29 MST 2007

I'm learning asterisk, and decided to make myself an answering machine 
out of it.  Seems pretty straightforward to use an agi (perl) to do what 
I want.

What I want is:
Answer the phone.
check for time of the day
If TOD is during the time I sleep I announce i'm sleeping & prompt 
caller to dial1 (or whatever) to connect to my extension & then go to 
voicemail if busy/una, otherwise go straight to voicemail.if no digit 
was pressed.

If TOD is during normal waking hours or caller ID matches whitelisted 
numbers, just connect to my extension & then go to voicemail if busy/una.

I'm nearly done, but I had a thought: before I re-invent the wheel, does 
anyone know if this has already been done?  My searches only saw basic 
answering machines examples.


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