[asterisk-users] Asterisk & Pix firewalls

Noah Miller noahisaacmiller at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 19:22:51 MST 2007

Hi Don -

>  I asked this last week but i didn't get any answer   So i will elaborate on
> my question.   I need to setup a pix 515 firewall (running 7.2.2 OS) to
> allow sip traffic thru it from a sip phone wherever i may be.  The pix is
> where all my servers are colocated and i will need to connect thru it from
> softphones / hardphones wherever i happen to be traveling.   I need help
> setting up the pix for inbound and outbound sip/iax traffic.   Any help
> would be greatly appreciated.

If you're looking for which ports to open:

TCP and UDP port 5060 (signalling) - can be changed in sip.conf
UDP ports 10000-20000 (RTP stream) - can be changed in rtp.conf

UDP Port 4569

- Noah

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