[asterisk-users] Incoming SIP callerid

Cristian N. Bradiceanu cristian at bradiceanu.net
Sun Apr 22 00:41:05 MST 2007

Hi all,

I want to pass the incoming SIP callerid in Dial application:

Asterisk 1.2.13


register => user:pass at provider/ext


exten => ext,1,Dial(SIP/phone1&SIP/phone2)

on phone's display I see the 'ext' number, not the incoming SIP callerid as
can be seen on incoming calls when I register the phone directly to

I tried to add 'o' option to Dial but same results.

The closest thing (and perhaps not the smartest) I could do:

exten => ext,1,Set(CALLERID(name)=${SIPURI})
exten => ext,2,Dial(SIP/phone1&SIP/phone2)

If that matters, phone1 and phone2 are Grandstream HTs with callerid-capable
cordless phones connected to FXS ports.

How can I get the calling number (and perhaps a hint to distinguish the SIP
account for incoming call) to be displayed on those phones?

Thank you in advance!

Best wishes,
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