[asterisk-users] RE: OT (a little): IPV6 Ramifications Article

Remco Post remco at pipsworld.nl
Thu Apr 19 15:43:15 MST 2007

Hans Witvliet wrote:

> The only obstacles currently, are the ISP's.

Any decent ISP (eg. XS4All.nl) will give you an ipv6 address as well as
an ipv4 address.

> afaik, all dsl-modems currently can only work with v4. 
> (correct me if i'm wrong)

So, let the modem be a modem, not a router, and do ip where it belongs,
on the host/router. Now, for the more intresting questions, where to
find a decent ipv6 firewall.... (yes bleeding edge linux kernels have
one, sort of)

> Only option currently is: tunnelbroker.net 
> Perhaps if we actually get directly fibre or ethernet to our home, 
> ipv6 will get mainstream.
> hw
> (Well, if * would support it, without any extra patches, would help)

And that is a problem, far to many new applications still get developed
for ipv4 only, rather than using the generic interfaces available....

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