[asterisk-users] gxp2000 expansion module blf leds not working

Zoilo Gomez zoilo at xs4all.nl
Wed Apr 18 12:26:56 MST 2007

Today a 56-button expansion module for the GXP2000 came in.

When I program the buttons+leds on the expansion module for BLF, then 
speed-dial works fine: when I press the button the programmed ext number 
is called properly.

However the LEDs are always off: neither green nor red .... They are not 
broken, because on reboot the LEDs flash red!

On the GXP2000 itself, this function works fine, with LEDs being green 
when the ext is free, or red whenever it is busy.

Does anybody know this problem?

Or can anyone confirm that the LEDs on the GXP2000 expansion module 
should be working properly?



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