[asterisk-users] Dial out from AGI and then connect it to another dialled out call

Tony Howat arhowat at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 18 10:18:08 MST 2007

Hi there,

I'm converting a dialplan callback type application to fastagi as I'm 
hitting the buffers with respects to getting useful results from CDRs.

It works by a spool call file triggering a Local extension, that extension 
then does the first dial to a client. I dial to a local context from the 
spool file as I need proper return codes as in ${DIALSTATUS} which are not 
available from the spoolfile (even using the failed priority trick). They 
then get some IVR prompts followed by being connected to another dialled 

Dialplan wise I do this with two contexts... the first being the one that 
the local dial in the spoolfile calls, it does various bits of set up, sets 
a few variables so they'll be inherited and does a :

exten => s,19,Dial(Zap/g1/${extnum},,G(anewextdialbridgev2^s^1))

in anewextdialbridge priority 1 (for the caller leg) I have a Goto which 
just calls congestion and then hangup - ie. it waits around for the end of 
the call. At priority 2 which the dial with G option will put the callee 
into I start my more usual IVR type prompts before doing my final dial (no G 
option this time) to the number we're connecting the user to.

What's a nice way of replicating the first Dial in AGI? At the moment I 
suspect I'll have to do a bodge with it dropping back to dialplan and then 
calling my AGI again? I'd rather not if at all possible.

Any advice appreciated...


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