[asterisk-users] RE: Audio Problems - Operating System??

Al ar_daei at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 17 07:58:32 MST 2007

I have had this issue and my problem was my motherboard timing.
i changed it to  diffrent brand and that fixed the issue.
BTW i dont use SUSE, i use CENTOS but i dont think it has anything to do with it.

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Hey All,


I've been using Asterisk for a couple years now, but have always had
some unsolvable audio problems.  I get audio stuttering and popping
quite often.  Even if I have just one call up!  The server is a Dual
Duo-Core 3.0ghz Xeon Processor PC with 4 GB or ram.  It just seems to me
that this should NOT be happening.  The server resources are nearly 98%


I've tried using the SLN audio file format, which does reduce the CPU
usage when playing audio files, but it didn't help the audio quality.
I've also tried putting my audio files on a RAM Drive and still have the
same problem.  I've also slimmed my asterisk system down to load only
the modules that I am using via modules.conf.


Now my question.  I've heard through the grapevine that the Operating
system running Asterisk can make a big difference in performance.  I am
currently running SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.    A friend of mine
actually talked to someone at Digium about this specific problem and
they told him -not- to run SuSE.   Is this correct?  Has anyone else had
any experience similar to this?  I'm just wondering if Digium just
wanted to push Asterisk Business Edition running on rPath on him, or if
there really are some conflicts with SuSE that may cause audio
instability.  If so then it definitely would explain a lot regarding my
poor audio quality problems.


I would be happy to hear thoughts that any of you might have.


Thanks so much!

Darren Nay

dnay at xennsoft.com


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