[asterisk-users] Using meetme like call

Enrico Pasqualotto enrico at pasqualotto.org
Tue Apr 17 08:34:03 MST 2007

Rob Schall wrote:
> One easy way to get close to this affect:
> Create a group dial    Dial(SIP/1000&SIP/1001)
> then have a dynamic meetme room generating extension. This way, you can
> put them on hold for a brief second, dial that extension, create a room,
> then transfer them into it. This keeps the number of conference rooms to
> a min, while letting you create them on the fly for when you need more
> than 3 people on a call.
> Rob

Thanks Rob, another way (I think):

I make a standard 2 way call (2000 to 2001), if other user (2002) call
2000 or 2001 and the DIALSTATUS is "busy" using channelredirect I put
the three user in one conference.

I think this is MY solution... Now I try!

Pasqualotto Enrico
Netspin srl
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cell: 347 3292620
web: www.netspin.it
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