[asterisk-users] voicemail - "digits/1F does not exist in any format"

Lee Jenkins lee at datatrakpos.com
Mon Apr 16 12:54:10 MST 2007

Philippe Lindheimer wrote:
> I've seen this before, in an ISDN card (can't recall which one) that 
> defaults the incoming language to german. Since you don't have german, 
> it defaults to english files but voicemail still runs through the german 
> logic (e.g. 1F for femail). I reported a bug against this, it was 
> silently killing the call - no error handling. I suggested that they 
> check if the desired language is installed and if not, that within the 
> app the 'temporarily change' the language to english so that it doesn't 
> go off looking for sound files that are not there. I can't recall the 
> bug number - but they didn't feel it was a reasonable approach ... 
> different opinions I guess, they decided the behavior was accetable.
> philippe

Odd.  You'd think the developers would want SOME kind of exception 
handling with CLI output so that you'd have at least a guess at what the 
problem was.


Warm Regards,


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