[asterisk-users] duration sec and billing sec in cdr

Adam KOSA adamk at 3a.hu
Mon Apr 16 06:43:00 MST 2007

Hi guys,

i've installed asterisk to handle multiple voip accounts.  I've looked 
at CDR configs, and managed to have cdr-csv files growing after each 
call.  It would be easier to check my locak asterisk cdr's than logging 
into each account and check them at the provider website.

i found that if i ring my sip softphone from my ata, bill seconds are 
counted correctly.  however, if i call via a voip provider, bill seconds 
are counted incorrectly.  Example:

this call went to a pstn number

New call from 551 ---> 94361abcdefg (context: internal)
Dialed    : SIP/00361abcdefg at voipstunt
Call start: 2007-04-14 20:10:55
Answered  : 2007-04-14 20:10:55
Call end  : 2007-04-14 20:11:10
Duration  : 15 sec
Bill      : 15 sec

this call went to my ata from the sip softphone:

New call from 551 ---> 505 (context: internal)
Dialed    : SIP/505|45
Call start: 2007-04-15 07:58:11
Answered  : 2007-04-15 07:58:15
Call end  : 2007-04-15 07:58:43
Duration  : 32 sec
Bill      : 28 sec

i've searched and google'd the wiki, but found only accounting software 
and cdr extensions for providers, but that's not what i need.

thanks for any help

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