[asterisk-users] Re: New T1 Asterisk installation

David Cook dbc_asterisk at advan.ca
Mon Apr 16 06:28:52 MST 2007

Quoting ar_daei at hotmail.com:
> I have two options, T1 or 15 analog lines.
> The question is, if I use TE100 with PRI , will I have same issues?
> I would appreciate any comments and sample zaptel.conf and
> zapata.conf

15 lines should be well beyond the cost justification point for a T1 and
you will get significantly better quality (disconnects) and
functionality out of digital trunk. Plus you clean up the telco closet.

Remember, you don't need to activate all 23 lines so if you just need 15
then you can activate only that number. You also can have potentially
hundreds of numbers that terminate on this group of lines. This makes
some of your coding a little different because you no longer make an
association between which port(s) ring and what number the caller
dialed to get here.

This is called DNIS (Dialed Number Identification System) (people don't
flame me for the ANI/DNIS thing OK? Not relevant for this discussion).

When ordering the PRI the telco will ask you what type of signaling you
want and how many DNIS digits. Personally, as we have intermixed area
codes, I always ask for 10 digits DNIS. This means when asterisk
answers the phone the $EXTEN will equal the full phone number the
caller dialed to get here.

loadzone        =  us
defaultzone     =  us
span            =  1,2,0,esf,b8zs
bchan           =  01-23
dchan           =  24
span            =  2,3,0,esf,b8zs
bchan           =  25-30
dchan           =  48

This is a zaptel.conf for 2 PRI's. 23 chan on 1 and 6 on the second. It
stipulates ESF (Extended SuperFrame) with b8zs coding. Both PRI's have
their D channel on the last (24th) channel.

As for emulation I try to ask for NI2 (which is a config that goes in
zapata.conf for switchtype).

Hope this gets you started.

-- dbc.

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