[asterisk-users] Hardware

phil.dawson at marnock.com phil.dawson at marnock.com
Sun Apr 15 14:17:27 MST 2007


I'm looking for IBM hardware to support:

100 SIP hard phone users
10 fax machines on SIP ata's

maybe later an additional 100 sip soft phones.

Initially, all calls will be through PRI.
Some conferencing.  Don't know yet if this will even get used.

Using 1.4 + ( probably business edition )

I'm looking for anyone who some experience / gotchas.  I've google'd and
voip-info but there's so much contradicting info.  I know it isn't easy to
say "this one" or "that one" but based on your experience what you think
will work with the above configuration?  Maybe just a "XEON 3.0" processor
with PCI or PCI-X would point me in the right direction.

Would I need a riser card for PCI-X for a digium card ?

I'll keep looking but any help would be very much appreciated!


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