[asterisk-users] DISABLE 9?

Remco Post remco at pipsworld.nl
Sun Apr 15 05:16:04 MST 2007

Matt wrote:
> Have you never run into a situation where you dial +15705551212 for a
> number, but also have an extention of 157 or something? 

Of course, bu then again, a properly designed dialplan will have more
specific entries for internal numbers _XXX which will match 157 but not
15705551212, so if you'd dial 15705551212, asterisk will have to find a
less specific entry in your dialplan to match that to.

>  The 9 is
> legacy, yes, but still important, in my opinion, to segregate the
> networks.   You know that anything starting with a 9 is going to go
> outbound, and all of your extentions are then 1xx-8xx.  9anything is
> reserved for going to the PSTN.  Otherwise, you are either going to have
> to have your callers dial 1areacode for everything (and then have your
> extentions 2xx-9xx), that is they can't just dial 5551212, which is a
> pain, or you are going to have overlap.
> The 9 may be legacy, but it is somewhat important!

The 9 is legacy, american and IMNSHO completely obsolete. You can leave
it in your dialplan as not to upset those users used to dialing a 9 for
an outside line, but apart from that, it has no use anymore.

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