[asterisk-users] Hardware requirements question

Gordon Henderson gordon+asterisk at drogon.net
Sat Apr 14 01:08:14 MST 2007

On Fri, 13 Apr 2007, Ryan Stille wrote:

> I've read through the Wiki, I know its hard to nail down hardware 
> requirements because it really depends on what you are going to do.  I'm very 
> new to Asterisk, haven't even read my Asterisk for Dummies book yet (its in 
> the mail).
> Can you tell me if this sounds sane?  We are planning on using a Dell 933Mhz 
> dual CPU server, with 1GB of ram for our Trixbox setup.  We will have 7-10 
> internal phones, and maybe 3-4 max outbound connections at a time.  We will 
> have some type of menu system for inbound callers.  At this point I'm 
> planning on connecting to a SIP provider over the internet for service.  Do 
> you think the hardware is adequate?  If there's a chance its not enough 
> horsepower I want to find a different server.

The hardwares more than adequate, although I'd suggest compiling a custom 
kernel if you can though to make sure you get full use of the SMP system.

I'm guessing that a dual cpu 933MHz system is quite old though. Pay 
particular care to the life-time of components that age badly - eg. PSUs 
(electrolytic capacitors, etc), disk drives, fan bearings and so on, 
especially if this is going to be mission critical.

FWIW: I run a single cpu 1GHz systems with, and don't have any issues 
handling 30 calls (no transcoding, no disks) You might need to make sure 
you get the ztdummy module loaded which will give you a timing source for 
MeetMe, etc.


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