[asterisk-users] [Announce] Web-MeetMe V3.0.1 released

Ondrej Valousek webserv at s3group.cz
Fri Apr 13 04:17:26 MST 2007

Ok I had a chance to test web-meetme 3.0.1 and I have few comments here
- the Makefile for CBmysql lacks procedure that verifies existence of
/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/conf-recordings directory where the conference
records should reside. I had to go through .php files to find out where
they are supposed to be and create the directory manually. Strange
enough, the recording still does not work and the main web interface
lack any support for the record files (I would expect some link in the
past conference list).
- Active Directory integration works fine, but we should be able to
gather email addreess for the participant from AD, too (avoid using the
sql users table if web-meetme was configured to use AD). Actually this
is still a big mystery to me - how do I add participants to the
conference using the web-interface? It must be done via the web
interface as otherwise we have no information about the participant
except of his channel number.

It is very promising project but it needs
- a better documentation
- fix the conference recording backend
- clear the confusion with users/email addresses/mail notifications.

If all that works, it would be just perfect...


Dan Austin wrote:
> Minor bug-fix release, no new functionality.
> Bugs fixed:
> 	*  app_cbmysql would fail to load
> 	*  Incorrect handling of recurring conferences that
> 		spanned a DST transition
> Minor cleanup:
> 	*  A couple image files were duplicated with 
> 		both upper and lowercase names.  The 
> 		uppercase variants were deleted and the
> 		HTML code cleaned up to use just the
> 		remaining files.
> The new release can be found at:  
> 	http://sourceforge.net/projects/web-meetme/
> We do have a volunteer developer who will be maintaining the
> 2.X.X chain for Asterisk 1.2.X compatibility, so bug fixes and
> features that are not Asterisk version dependant will still be
> made available for older installations.
> The 2.X.X chain does not have the problem with app_cbmysql,
> but may suffer from the DST transition bug.
> Thanks,
> The Web-MeetMe development team...
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