[asterisk-users] Which SIP phones to buy?

Drew Gibson drew at oanda.com
Thu Apr 12 07:07:46 MST 2007

Stephen Bosch wrote:
> Stephen Bosch wrote:
>> I need to buy some new phones for our own offices.
>> I've used only Polycom phones until now, but I'd like to broaden my
>> experience.
>> I'm trying to decide which phones to experiment with. I have these options:
>> - A combination of Polycom, Aastra and Snom
>> - Just Polycom
>> One the one hand, I'd like to keep things uniform, since it greatly
>> simplifies provisioning. On the other hand, I don't want to broaden my
>> knowledge...
> ...because I like to stay dumb.
> Of course, that's not what I meant :)
We have Cisco, Aastra 480i and Grandstream GXP2000 phones in house.

I only recommend the Cisco phones to people I don't like, overpriced and 
far too much work.

The Aastra 480i is a good quality phone, on par with Cisco and probably 
with Polycom (though I've never used them). Voice quality is good, phone 
feels robust. Config is well documented and contained in two text files 
(one global, one MAC specific). Good web interface on the phone. Aastra 
support have been very responsive.

Grandstream phones are lower quality but good value for money. Sound and 
feel of phones is not so good as Aastra or Cisco. Configuration is 
through a binary file, a bit fiddly, but quite manageable with a few 
scripts. Good web interface on the phone. Grandstream support have also 
been very responsive.



Drew Gibson

Systems Administrator
OANDA Corporation

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