[asterisk-users] Verizon-Vonage Lawsuit

Christopher Chan chrisfz at netvigator.com
Tue Apr 10 20:58:10 MST 2007

> Thanks for the answer.  I've never heard that one before.
> I remember once I used a 3rd party component set (Indy 9) to do some 
> smtp alert emails from a Windows application.  Couldn't get the mails to 
> go through for a few particular customers and after some research and 
> talking to ISP's, we found out that the component set that I used was 
> used to write spamming software and the headers produced by the 
> component set were flagged by spamm assasin and others.  Arg.

Mail admins usually treat non-MTA software that send email as highly 
potential sources of spam. In your case, a whitelisting arrangement 
would take care of the problem or whatever arrangement they may have.

Properly managed ISP's/domains will have a reachable contact at 
postmaster at ISP/domain.

The third party component set you mentioned...is it the original of 
indyproject.org too?

The Indy 9 component most probably got itself into blacklists because of 
the IntraWeb framework, which most probably uses Indy 9 for smtp, has 
inadequate measures against abuse and the Indy 9 component creates an 
easily identifiable header.

Whole server farms running proper MTA software will get blacklisted if 
they have abusable scripts or other stuff using them.

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