[asterisk-users] Reverse-ATA : Using PSTN lines to connect toAsterisk

Mike list at virtutel.ca
Tue Apr 10 08:22:08 MST 2007

Thanks Alex,

That was my original thought, to just buy a TDM400 from Digium and put in as
many FXO as I wanted, but I liked having the ease of just buying something
off the shelf, even if it meant paying a little more.

But it looks like I won't have much of a choice.


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Hi Mike,

   You should be looking at ATAs that have FXO, rather than FXS interfaces. 
Most ATAs come with FXS ports so that you can connect analogue phones to
them, but in this case you're wanting to take PSTN lines from the outside,
so FXO is desirable.

   Second, you'd have to make sure that the "ATA" supports the sort of
application you're using it for;  most are manufactured on the opposite
premise.  I am actually not sure offhand of any ATA firmware that I know
that I imagine would work this way, although I'm confident it exists as
consecutive back-to-back analogue<->VoIP adaptations in many scenarios can
get quite complex and requires that flexibility.

   Basically, you're looking for a small IP PBX that uses SIP internally
among its private nodes and takes PSTN trunks from the outside.  That's what
PBXs typically do.  :-)

   If all else fails, you can always roll your own functionality of this
nature by using FXO cards in Asterisk.  There are various distributions that
package it in a very lightweight and reusable manner specifically for this
type of purpose, or you can roll your own if it's scalable enough.

-- Alex

Alex Balashov <sasha at presidium.org>

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