[asterisk-users] ${QUEUESTATUS}

Damon Estep damon at suburbanbroadband.net
Mon Apr 9 13:17:35 MST 2007

There are 6 different ${QUEUESTATUS} variable values defined in asterisk
1.2, I am attempting to make sure I have a full understanting of when
they would be set;


If someone could correct errors with these definitions ot would be


TIMEOUT - the max time specified in the queue command elapsed, only
checked between retries so may not be 100% accurate.

FULL - the number of callers in the queues would exceed the maxlen=
value defined in queues.conf if another caller was added

JOINEMPTY - a call was sent to the queue but the queue had no members,
does not apply when using agentcallbacklogin since there could be
unavailable members defined but not available.

LEAVEEMPTY - the last agent was removed form the queue before alls calls
we handled, remong callers exit with this status, also acts differently
when there are only queue members that are unavaialbe

there were still queue members, but all were status unavailable (logged


So if a queue is made up of only callback agents (agentcallbacklogin)
then the queuestatus will never be joinempty or leaveempty


If the maxlen=0 then there eill never be a queuestatus of full

If there is no timeout in the queue command thee wll never be a
questatus of timeout

If there are no callback or static agents joinunavail/leaveunavail will
never apply.



Any corrections?

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