[asterisk-users] How well does a celldock work with Asterisk?

Joe Acquisto joea at j4computers.com
Mon Apr 9 09:41:08 MST 2007

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>> Can't be worse than my POTS lines.   The cable runs here are about 30
>> years old, and run underground, supposedly, where crossing a
>> government right of way.   This run is ancient, as well.
>> Supposedly, during wet weather, this becomes a grounding problem.
>> Certainly the audio quality deteriorates to the point of being almost
>> unusable, during inclement weather and clears up when dry.
> The cable sleeve is probably breached and I'll bet the waterproofing
> jelly has leaked out. If, along with that, you have any cracked
> insulation on the individual conductors, the results are predictable.
> This is a common problem on older runs.
> Sometimes it's just a matter of finding a clean pair in the cable. Have
> you tried asking Verizon to fix the problem?

Don't get me started.  That's how I "know so much" about the situation.
They seem disinclined to address the matter, except with "happy talk" about
FIOS in my future.   "Soon".   Right after the metro areas are done.  Right.

The only fiber around here will be in my diet.

joe a.

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