[asterisk-users] PRI DCHAN Errors

Andrew Joakimsen joakimsen at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 17:52:09 MST 2007

On 4/5/07, Rob Schall <rschall at callone.net> wrote:

> Yes, the connection seems solid and the cable is alright.
That doesn't mean the cable is the proper specification. Most people
use category 5 unshielded twisted pair which technically is not the
correct cable. While this is probably not the cause of your problems
when troubleshooting is wise not to assume anything.

> There have not been any updates to zaptel or wanpipe in awhile
Zaptel 1.2.16 released 21 March 2007 and the latest WANPIPE is
released only since 31 January, so if your install is at least 1 month
old there have been changes to the software. If this issue has cropped
up recently and you haven't touched your zaptel or wanpipe then DO NOT
UPGRADE THEM as part of your troubleshooting

> > 3) Do you have the correct FE_LCODE, FE_FRAME, TE_CLOCK and TDMV_DCHAN
> > in your wanpipe1.conf? Do you have the correct signalling in
> > zapata.conf. Do you have the correct span definition and fcshdlc=24,
> > fcshdlc=48 (unless those analog ports are defined first!) in
> > zaptel.conf
> Here is my wanpipe1.conf

That doesn't mean that the settings are correct, however chances are
your PRI is indeed B8ZS, ESF, most are as well. And it still is
possible that some settings in zaptel.conf and zapata.conf are

However you MIGHT want to try to set TDMV_DCHAN to 24 which will
enable hardware Dchannel support on the Sangoma card, it could be you
are having interrupt, latency or congestion problems on your PCI bus
that cause the issues with the DChannel to to Software (Zaptel) D
channel handling.

> > 4) Use wanpipemon -g instead of zttool. See if you are getting any errors
> Everything is connected and reading okay.

So all the error counts are 0?

> > 5) Contact your telco have them check the line
> In order for our provider to do this, they have to shut down the pri.
> This could be done at night, but wanted to make sure I had everything
> else in place.
They should be able to do some testing between the smartjack and the
network without too many problems. Do you know if the T1 is run over
fiber or if its HDSL? I have never seen a problem with a fiber-fed T1
either it works or it doesnt. HDSL however is another story it can be
just as bad as ADSL if the telco does a poor job to condition the

If you are really reluctant to do any testing with the telco then
perhaps you can try to contact Sangoma. I've never heard anything bad
of their tech support.

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