[asterisk-users] Asterisknow or Trixbox?

Rob Schall rschall at callone.net
Thu Apr 5 14:23:44 MST 2007

I also am curious to hear feedback on either asterisknow and/or trixbox.
I am looking to install a few boxes in locations that people need to be
able to add extensions (queues, etc), but might not be avid linux users.
I could write my own gui, but why bother. A nice easy installation and
extension/queue/voicemail management system would be nice.


Gordon Henderson wrote:
> On Thu, 5 Apr 2007, WipeOut wrote:
>> I am sure its been discussed before but I couldn't find it in my
>> searches..
>> Looking to replace my Asterisk box (Ver 1.0 still I think) and really
>> like the idea of an easy to use gui to manage it.. I see the
>> contenders appear to be Asterisknow and Trixbox..
> How about no GUI?
>> Has anyone player with both who can give me the rundown of the basic
>> pros and cons to either..
>> Which will best suit my setup??.. Currently I have 3 inbound numbers
>> that come in over IAX plus one in/out analogue line to an X100P.. I
>> have a DECT phone extension connecting to a TDM400P.. There are three
>> local SIP extension and one in a remote office.. Inbound numbers are
>> routed to a recorded message specific for that number and then set to
>> ring on multiple phones (different combinations depending on the
>> inbound number) and if not answered routed to a VM box.. Caller ID is
>> changed on the inbound calls so that the phone displays will show
>> which number was called rather than the calling number and so we can
>> answer with the correct greeting.. The analogue inbound calls simply
>> ring on all the phones.. All outbound calls are via the analogue line
>> and use a carrier pre selection prefix for cheap outbound calls..
>> So which would you suggest I use?
>> Both are in beat versions at the moment.. Which is likely to so
>> stable first?
> It doesn't look like your setup will change once it's going, so why
> burden the system with something that's quite general purpose?
> Take a look at the dialplans (extensions.conf), etc. that your current
> setup has and just build on that directly withou a GUI...
> Gordon
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