[asterisk-users] Polycom and Asterisk

Drew Gibson drew at oanda.com
Thu Apr 5 11:55:53 MST 2007

Stephen Bosch wrote:
> Andrew Joakimsen wrote:
>> Well I would wonder how Polycom even had any idea whom your vendor is.
> The vendor made a request for 2.1.0 on my behalf and let it slip that it
> was for one of my clients :)
> What is it about current firmware that makes them so paranoid? For
> pete's sake! If the argument is protecting IP, it's a lousy one.
> -Stephen-
IP is just part of the smoke and mirrors. Another part is "quality" of 
the service "experience".  The real issue is control of the sales 
channel. This allows them to keep prices high for Polycom and their 
dealers, same as Nortel, Avaya et al used to do.



Drew Gibson

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OANDA Corporation

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