[asterisk-users] Aastra 480 i

shadowym shadowym at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 2 18:40:05 MST 2007

Seems you don't know what your doing then.  Everything you say does not work
works for everyone else!  EVERYTHING! 

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"Michelle Dupuis" <support at ocg.ca> Wrote on: 4/2/2007 3:23 PM:
> You don't need the cfg files (or a tftp) to boot the phones or register.
> There are some sample configs lying around, but Aastra's are very 
> poorly documented (and their firmware still has big bugs - so don't 
> modify from default too much).  We've setup a number of 480i's and got 
> very frustrated with their standard support answer "maybe it will be 
> fixed in the next firmware".
> Start with the basics - look at the name/password/domain used for login.
> MD

Yeah, fell back to that, after the .cfg files did not seem to do anything
positive.  I have managed to get it to register, I resorted to using the web
interface to configure.  
First, the time magically (not) came up correct.  After setting timeserver
via the web.  Neither the cfg, nor the phone menu, seemed to "take".  Then,
setting proxy and registrar for "line 1", from the web interface, seemed to
get it registered.   I thought local settings always over rode the others.
Seems not.

joe a.

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