[asterisk-users] recommended application for salesman using asterisk

Tim Panton tim at mexuar.com
Sat Sep 30 04:21:59 MST 2006

On 29 Sep 2006, at 19:20, Yu Safin wrote:

> Hi, I am a salesman currently using asterisk to contact my customers.
> So far, I have asterisk connected to two PSTN analog lines where I
> only receive phones calls.
> Then, I have asterisk connected to a VoIP service company for
> terminating my phone calls.
> I also kept one PTSN phone line to place calls to my cellular when I
> am on the road.  This is done by giving the caller an option to find
> me on my cellular.
> I started to tinker with my PC and I can now receive and place calls
> using a soft-phone (iaxclient).  Then I started to wonder if there is
> an application that will allow me to use a friendly WEB interface
> along side with my soft-phone to quickly place phone calls from an
> address book and when I call arrives, to bring up information about
> the caller if present in my address book.
> I also conceived the idea that I might not even have the imagination
> that some members of this list may have in terms of how else I can be
> exploiting asterisk e.g. callback from messages left.  Another one is
> a more sophisticated find-me service that I can manage from a WEB
> interface.
> I am open to ideas and suggestions.  Please show me where to go.
> Remeber, if I spend too much time as an engineer I go hungry.  I need
> to be in front of people selling my company services and not tinkering
> with applications.

Yep, you could replace iaxclient with a web-embedded softphone
like Corraleta SDK (ours) or Mozphone. (There are also a
couple of SIP ones, but you are using IAX already, so stick with it....)

Then when you click on a number in the web page it would call
that number for you.

You'd need to do a bit of javascript coding to tweak the look and feel
of Corraleta, but mostly people can get it the way they want pretty  

Tim Panton


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