[asterisk-users] DUNDi Docs

Douglas Garstang dgarstang at oneeighty.com
Thu Sep 28 20:48:28 MST 2006

I'm trying to configure DUNDi in a tiered arrangement where 3 servers take care of registrations and then push those registrations up to a pair of location servers. Subsequent queries for the location of a phone will be direcected to the location servers.
I think it's possible, but you do think there's actually any docs on DUNDi about this? A google search yields absolutely zero results, except for the dundi.com website which has no configuration docs.
I'll probably get flamed for asking, but why on why can't Digium post some good docs and examples on how to effectively use DUNDi? What is their issue with doing this? How do they expect people to embrace their protocol if no one knows how to use it? I'm sorry, but I just completely fail to understand this.
I even stumbled across a post from Kevin Flemming, apparently before he started working for Digium, where he was asking about docs on DUNDi! Two years later, and there's still none.

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