[asterisk-users] Is this phone any good?

Nabeel Jafferali asterisk-lists at x2n.ca
Thu Sep 28 15:14:49 MST 2006

They are identical to the basic Atcom AT-320.

They run the generic PA168S chipset and are very, very entry-level phones
support SIP/IAX2/H.323/MGCP. They are in the same class as the Grandstream
BudgeTone, although they have a slightly nicer display.

If you're getting them for less than ~$50, I'd say that's a decent deal,
assuming the phones serve your purpose.


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> Does anyone know if the Gnet VP320S phones are any good? My 
> supplier has them on sale until Friday at close (Sep 29th). I 
> have two Gnet VP168S adapters and they are just good enough 
> for testing purposes.
> Tim
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