[asterisk-users] Polycom Queues, Login, Logout etc

Douglas Garstang dgarstang at oneeighty.com
Thu Sep 28 11:55:52 MST 2006

Someone was working on integrating the Polycom Agent Login/Logout/status functionality with Asterisk. Who was that? Do we know if it made it into Asterisk 1.4?

I can perform a login on the phone, and Asterisk gets a subscription for it...

Peer             User        Call ID      Extension        Last state     Type            Mailbox   
xxx.yyy.128.18   80014101    dc665304-c8  80014101 at bett_W  Idle           pidf+xml        <none>    
1 active SIP subscription

However, when I hit the 'Unvail' or 'Avail' soft key, Asterisk responds with a '489 Bad Event' to the update.


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