[asterisk-users] Polycom 501 One-way Audio

Bill Gibbs bgibbs at edurotech.com
Thu Sep 28 08:43:16 MST 2006

Check the handset cords.  They can get loose and cause this exact issue.





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I have a site running an up-to-date version of Asterisk from the 1.2
trunk.  We have a dozen Polycom 501 units and one of them (none of the
others) is having recurring one-way-audio problems.  As Murphy's Law
dictates, it's the bosses phone!

The user gets a few calls a day where the caller can hear her fine but
she hears dead silence.  It happens when she calls out sometimes too.
Even internal voicemail and extension-to-extension calls are affected.
I just called her three times from another extension; the first two were
affected, the third got through.  None of the other units seem to have
the problem.  They're all running the same firmware and are loading
central configs that are identical except for line-button text and
registration info.

I've been running * with lots of debug/verbose logging enabled and have
yet to see it complain about anything when she reports the problem.  I'm
about to replace her phone with a spare to see if that fixes it.
Wondering if anyone has seen something like this and might be able to
tell me what to look for as a potential cause.




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