[asterisk-users] New ptlib dependency-requirement in SVN-trunk?

Brian Capouch brianc at palaver.net
Thu Sep 28 05:59:19 MST 2006

Suddenly I can't get SVN-trunk to build anymore; the configure script is 
looking for something related to ptlib I don't have:

checking for /root/pwlib/include/ptlib.h... no
checking for /usr/local/include/ptlib.h... yes
checking for ptlib-config... no
checking for ptlib-config... no
Cannot find ptlib-config - please install and try again

Starting ./configure --without-ptlib does no good.

I had never even heard of ptlib; the header file it found says it's a 
"Portable Windows Library."

Anyone with a clue on this I'd be grateful to get things to build again.



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