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> > Has anyone actually gotten ASTTAPI to work?  I can't seem to get it to
work, yet I
> have other TAPI setups (SNAP and xtelsio) working fine.  I have noticed
that SNAP
> and Xtelsio act differently.  Etelescript is the application that will be
calling TAPI.
> Hi Mike!
> I have been using ASTTAPI, but it takes time to configure it and I'm not
sure it's
> developing any more. Now I'm using SNAP for several days but it seams that
it has
> some bugs. I'm using Snap's forum to check with developer about this, but
it's going
> slowly. I don't think that Snap is for business production yet.
> If developer doesn't solve those problems with Snap, I'll try Etelescript.
Is Etelescript
> free? Is it open source?

After spending many many hours on asttapi and other tapisolutions, we found
Tapi for Asterisk here:
It works like a charm and the licensefee with 25.-€/10 Clients is really
We couldn't find any bugs in the software and in combination with tapicall it's our preferred link-up to Outlook/Exchange in all of our
asterisk installations.
Since it's language is in german, you might have a closer look on some
german dictionaries, but after configuration is done (5 minutes) you can
forget about ever installed it. 

Hope, these informations saved you some time, money and nerves


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