[asterisk-users] Re: max number of devices in hint

Lacy Moore - Aspendora aspendora at gmail.com
Wed Sep 27 01:11:21 MST 2006

 I'm interested, why do you monitor multiple devices within a hint? If one
> device is in use (and three are free), how does it show - in use or as free?

I'm glad you asked :-)  If we had Shared Line Appearances, I would not have
to do this.  However, I could be at any of about 6 different phones, and on
any of about 4 lines per phone.  Therefore, to monitor whether or not I am
on the phone would take a 24 BLF buttons or just one, if hinting allowed
that many.

And to answer your other question, if one device is in use, it shows as
being In Use.  The others may be free, but I am on one, so therefore, I am

I can't believe I missed this in my testing.  I just wonder if with more devices.  I was doing my testing with  I'm presently trying to setup a test with another system, without
the patches that my current system has, to determine whether it is related
to the patches.
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