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Tomislav Parčina tparcina at lama.hr
Wed Sep 27 01:08:34 MST 2006

In article <451918A6.2060900 at pernau.at>, klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at says...
> No. I once tried to create a channel variable during hangup. Then, in 
> the hangup extension this variable was added to the user defined CDR 
> field. This generally works, but only if the call leg hangs up, on which 
> the AOC is received. In other cases (e.g. sip to zap calls) when the SIP 
> user hangs up, I had to fetch the last AOC-D value from the bridged 
> channel, which does not work well. There should be a generic method in 
> Asterisk for storing/retrieving AOC, thus I stoped my work.

Hi Klaus!

Have you provide those information's to developers? Is there any interest to make this work? Approximately, in your opinion, how much work there has to be done?

There are few programmers in company I work for. Can you please send me all relevant code and maybe I can persuade them to look at it.

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