[asterisk-users] Asterisk behind Sonicwall firewall

Barry Fawthrop barry at ttienterprises.org
Tue Sep 26 11:02:17 MST 2006

Thanks All

I have those settings already enabled
It is rejecting the SIP INVITE packet not even getting to Voice at all
The VoIP provider shows a registered with a good Qualify time 55 ms  but 
not calls come in due to the Invite packet being rejected

Why  and why would it suddenly do this nothing was changed it blink I'm 
not going to work now

Thanks all

Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak wrote:
> Barry Fawthrop wrote:
>> Hi all
>> Anyone using a sonicwall firewall ?
>> I have been and then suddenly  it drops UDP packets because SIP is no 
>> longer on port 5060 but some random assigned port ?
>> Why ?
> Which Sonicwall model? Some (like the TZ170) have special VOIP 
> settings, like "Enable consistent NAT" and "Enable SIP 
> Transformations". Check those; they work well with SIP.
> If you don't have one of these newer models, please see 
> http://www.voip-info.org/wiki-IAX, in the "NAT Issues" section. It 
> deals with IAX2, but the issues are same for SIP UDP. The Sonicwall 
> UDP-connection-memory timeout may be VERY short - 30 seconds by 
> default on some! It is adjustable in some firmware versions.
> I use the TZ170, but with IAX2 rather than SIP.
> - Mike
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