[asterisk-users] Need a recommended T38 FOIP solution

Christopher Corn christopher_corn at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 24 20:06:41 MST 2006

I help support a small office, 5 SIP phones, connected to an Asterisk PBX. We have 4 analouge fax machines connected to a pstn that i would like to get rid of, but need a foip solution. 
  rather thing trying to do a pass through using the g711 protocol, I want to go with a t38 termination since it is more reliable. can someone recommened a cheap t38 foip vendor? also, what kind of changes do i need to make to my analouge fax machines so that i can get this accomplished? i assume theres some type of ATA adapter that will need to be used with the phone. specific brand?
  To receive faxes I assume I could use asterfax,but to send faxes i need to use a fax machine, mainly because people here will need to sign documents then fax them.
  any recommendation would be appreciated. thanks.
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