[asterisk-users] fax over ip

Christopher Corn christopher_corn at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 23 19:26:56 MST 2006

I have an trixbox system setup, and all my phones are IP based, different Grandstream phones to be exact. I have some fax machines that are still around, using analog lines of course. 
  I've read a little into FOIP and the changing of the signals form t30(traditional fax machines) to t.38 ( ip faxmachines). 
  From what I understand, it's alot like voip, with origination and temrination. Can someone recommende, i guess, a FOIP provider? someone that can provider the gateway services?
  Also, how am i supposed to get my fax machine onto my ethernet network? i assume it needs some kind of Aanalog Telephone Adapter, just like with VOIP. 
  Any info is appreciated , this is still clewgy to me.
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