[asterisk-users] Trixbox Documentation

J. Duffy Beischel duffy at beischel.net
Sat Sep 23 14:38:04 MST 2006

Jay and All,

I think peoples' impressions are based on their experience level.  I am 
brand spankin' new at this so I found it very useful and very easy to 
set-up.  Now there were a few issues.  Audio was one and the other was 
not knowing how to specify a fixed IP address in VMWare Player/Linux as 
the Linksys Router will not assign a fixed IP based on the MAC address.  
I found an answer to the audio issue on a forum (can't remember if it 
was the Trixbox forum) and at the Trixbox forum, someone explained how 
to set a fixed IP within Linux within VMWare Player.

If two days I have set Trixbox up on two different servers.  Today was 
one instance.  I have two softphones connected and use the autoattendent 
function and it works well on both extensions.  Unlike their suggestion 
at nerdvittles.com, I used Telasip for both in-bound and outbound.  It 
is working very well and it is also allowing me to experiment and learn.

It works, and I like it. Will I "outgrow" it and no longer like it in 
the future? Who knows, but right now it is easy to learn, runs on my 
Windows server and runs very well.  Asterisk and the Trixbox are really 
incredible and powerful programs.

Hope that helps.


Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
>> http://nerdvittles.com/index.php?p=137
>> http://nerdvittles.com/index.php?p=144
>> The last article is the latest.
> So, Duffy... I'm guessing it wasn't clear (based on the fact that you
> posted two articles with almost effusive reviews of Trix) that Joe is
> *not* impressed with it, and that what I was interested in was "why
> not"?
> Cheers,
> -- jra

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