[asterisk-users] sound file length

Tobias Wolf tobias.wolf at evision.de
Fri Sep 22 02:05:26 MST 2006

Raphael Jacquot schrieb:
> At some point in my dial plan, I need to find out the length of a sound
> file in seconds (to weed out things that are way too short)
> the record application doesn't seem to have any facilities to do that.
> any ideas ?

i am wondering ... the voicemail app, does something similar.

In voicemail.conf you can specify the minlength of message to it will be

; Minimum length of a voicemail message in seconds for the message to be
; kept
; The default is no minimum.

Maybe one can have a look at the code of the voicemail-App and tranfer
it do the record-App ??

Has this some chance of success ?


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