[asterisk-users] IAX or SIP termination provider that reaches6421xxxxxxx?

John Marvin jm-asterisk at themarvins.org
Thu Sep 21 23:19:08 MST 2006

The problem is that most people aren't going to be able to answer this 
question without trying it. Most voip providers (including Teliax) 
advertise a rate to all New Zealand Mobile service providers, i.e. +64 
2xxxxxxxx, not specifically +64 21xxxxxxx.

Note, I just tried a +6421 mobile number via Teliax from the U.S. and it 
worked. So either 1) Teliax can't reliably connect to those numbers, 2) 
They can connect to some subset of those numbers, or 3) they fixed 
something since you last checked.


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